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June Birthstone - Alexandrite

One of the rarest and most magical gems on earth.

June Birthstone

The Alexandrite gemstone isn’t given the month June for no reason, as it’s color-change symbolizes the multiple sides that June babies often display to the world. Alexandrite gemstones reflects those who are born in June because of their ability to change and adapt based on vibe and energy, like an Alexandrite would change its color under different lights. Alexandrite can be seen as an omen for good luck, fortune, and love, and any wearer of alexandrite gems can see it as a kind reminder to bring balance back to life in a world of changes and challenges. If you are looking for a genuine alexandrite, contact a reputable jewelry brand and talk to an expert here.

As seen in Vanity Fair. See press release here.

Why is it valuable?


The June birthstone has one of the most magnificent color changes in the world of gemstones. An alexandrite will show a beautiful green, yellow, or bluish color, under daylight/fluorescent light, changing to brownish, purple, or red, in incandescent light, like a lamp or candle. The most valuable alexandrite will have a distinct color change from pure green to red. The color change of an alexandrite can be a great conversation starter and it is one of the top gems to use in a statement piece. It’s an eye-catching essential for your wardrobe that will completely transform your entire look.


Alexandrite is an expensive gem because of its limited supply. You will rarely find a large alexandrite, but you can find our 29.07 carat alexandrite ring here. With a hardness of 8.5, it’s a strong and tough gem that can easily be set in any kind of jewelry. Big or small, we love them all.

As seen in Vanity Fair. See press release here.

Zany New York includes unique stones in its collection because the founders believe that the finer things in life are meant to be worn. For that reason, the June birthstone is the perfect gem to create a personalized essence so your outfit becomes more like you! Find our finished pieces here, or contact us if you are looking for customized pieces.

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