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Engagement & Bridal Jewelry With Colored Gemstones

Congratulations! Your relationship just reached another level and we are thrilled to be a part of it - it’s finally time to accessorize in color! Choosing engagement rings and bridal accessories can be a dread, but we are here to streamline that process. No matter what your style and budget is, we got an extensive collection to choose from with the help of fun and enthustiastic gemstone experts. Discover colored bridal jewelry for your special day by Zayn New York.

Diamonds are always a “Yes”, but gemstones speaks even louder! Whether you’re looking for a classic or contemporary look, we got finished pieces in any style that will symbolize the right color of the love you share for each other.

Our emeralds comes in many hues that represent the growth, harmony, and new beginnings that are waiting for you. See more emerald rings here.

Rubies express the passionate nature for many couples with strong feelings and electric energy. See more ruby rings here.

A sapphire holds many colors of the sky and symbolizes a sacred love that takes you higher with strength and passion. See more sapphire rings here.

Alexandrite is a color changing gem that promotes prosperity and success. The remarkable and rare gemstone changes color from emerald green in daylight to ruby red in incandescent light. See more alexandrite rings here.

Regardless of which color that speaks your love language, our mission is to guide you through the world of colored gems and direct you to your perfect fit! We go through the 4C's of colored gemstones and communicate what matters the most to you via design and gemstone education. Our designers can customize jewelry for any occasion with 18K white/yellow gold or platinum to complement the saturation of any colored gemstone. Please allow 1-2 weeks for customized jewelry.

Engagement & Bridal Jewelry Inspiration

Emerald Jewelry

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Ruby Jewelry

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Sapphire Jewelry

See all sapphire jewelry here.

Alexandrite Jewelry

See all alexandrite jewelry here.

You are welcome to visit our showroom in the heart of Manhattan’s Diamond District or contact us here for inquires.

Zayn New York are pleased to offer you excellent service and guidance to create the jewelry of your dreams for your most memorable day of your life.

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